Wednesday, October 20, 2010

postcards from france

Strikes against austerity continue today across France for the seventh day.  Millions of trades unionists have shut down down ports and refineries, blockaded roads and rallied in the streets, now increasingly joined by high school and university students.  The actions enjoy wide support (70 percent according to polls) despite fuel shortages, garbage pileups and other insults to capitalist normality. Sarkozy, stiff-necked, insists he will ram through the pension plunder anyway.

The posters above, published on France24 last week, were displayed in a Paris store window in the 11th arrondissement: "Me too, I started like that with the Roma, before exterminating a million in concentration camps. Try a little harder, Nicolas." The other, "Son of Pétain" shows Sarkozy in the uniform of the Vichy chief and Nazi collaborator.

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