Monday, May 16, 2011

forward leaning

So much has happened since the last post here - too much, too quickly for a running critical round-up, or the stamina of a scurvy tune.

Of the bad news, from Fukushima to the ongoing dirty wars to xenophobic progroms (in Athens, right now, sickeningly), what more to say than has already been said here, repeatedly, about the splicing of terror and war machine? Disaster drones on and will do, the logic holding.

But these months have also seen a momentous reaching for liberation, a stirring emergence of self-empowered subjectivities rolling across North Africa and into the Middle East - a heartening, amazing and humbling movement from below, still unfolding, still gathering and spreading. How far, how deep? The subjects that have emerged, massively and historically, will decide that for themselves.

And they will have to, for the old enforcers will not easily get out of their way. Scrambling, dissembling, bombing here, turning the blind eye there, the old order will do all it can to contain, capture and exhaust these energies, and to restore privileged access to gas and oil and addicted markets for arms.

What amazing courage, what admirable restraint those struggling reachers have shown! Now, in the metropoles of Europe and North America, the antiwar movements could show their solidarity. Unhappily, the miseries of enforced austerity are blocking such horizons.

For now, anyway. But frustration and pressure are building globally, evidently. Either self-liberation or more fear and scapegoating, these are the choices in the North. The South, awakening, isn't waiting. To this, one can only say: yes!

Beyond that, word-poor, myself, these days. Scurvy tunes remains open, though, to the texts of friends. These forthcoming, beginning soon, check back from time to time...


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