Monday, March 1, 2010

status quo autobellum

War machine: Pentagon and its global web of bases, but also the houses of mist, that vast, multi-agency spying and counterinsurgency apparatus netting planet and space; plus the industrial sector that supplies both; plus the scientific R&D apparatus installed in universities and corporate labs; plus the new mercenary assets operating outside military codes of engagement, discipline and accountability; plus the new bases in the culture and affect industries that sell and spin the wars to the public (what Der Derian calls the MIME-Net, the military-industrial-media-
entertainment network).

A dense concentrate of economic and political power, pulsing through sites in and out of the US state. Whole institutional continents veiled in secrecy become loci of quasi-autonomous interests and power, competing for funding and presidential ear, often at odds in aims and priorities, tactics and strategy, measures to be taken.

It’s a war in there, the war machine. Over it, fueling it: the valorization-accumulation process, master logic of capital, mediated through imperialist great gaming. Out there, in the wars, smart operators have never ceased to make a killing.

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